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>Harry, Ron, and Hermione watched awkwardly as Fleur Delacour approached their corner at the Gryffindor table.
>"Hello 'Arry, iz eed okay iv I borrow you for eh zecond?"
>Ron looked at Harry, and then at Hermione in bewilderment. He thought, "What does this veela looking bitch want with our friend?"
>Harry stood up, and nodded to Fleur as she motioned him to follow her to a secluded area behind the spot where Nearly-Headless Nick usually hangs out.
>"So, what is it that you want to tell me?"
>"I juz wanted ze ask you 'Arry, who zid you vote for in ze last elections for Prezedent of Ze United Statez of Emereca?"
>Harry thought that it was a weird question to ask, but answered her anyway: "I voted for Donald Trump."
>"Oh, zo you are ze member of the MAGA club az well. Daz nize."
>And just like that, Fleur Delacour was unbuttoning Harry's slacks before giving him a nice head.
>"Oh Fleur, not here where anyone can just walk in and see us!!"
>"Shud up, 'arry. Juz enjoy ze blowjob will you?"
>Harry fell silent, thinking about how he will later use the newly learned Vibrato spell on his Firebolt to pleasure Fleur.
>Fleur was good at this, Harry thought. And when he felt that he was about to cum, he looked Fleur straight in the eye and said:
>"Fuck Jannies."
>Fleur licked the head of Harry's monstrous cock, then said in return: "And fuck neegerz."