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>>108 เจอล่าสุดอันนี้เมื่อ5ปีที่แล้วอ่ะ ;_; ทำไมหนังสือแฟนตาซีที่กูชอบโดนลอยแพตลอดเลย555

Saturday, January 24, 2015
Hi Everybody!!
I'm still writing Book 6, but I hope for it to be out and in your hands before too long. I took a break and wrote an unrelated fantasy book called To Hayel and Back, and am still figuring out how I want to publish that one - it's not out at present. But I am very excited to be back on track with Book 6 of Erec Rex. Thanks for your patience and support - and love to you all!
Love, Kaza