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【アズールレーン】Azur Lane: Anniversary กับ pickup ที่หายไป และใครจะเป็นเมียอันดับหนึ่งแห่งปี [World 6]

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In fact, after the hit taken several hours previously, many crewmen had been panic-stricken and had jumped overboard. Once they realized the ship was not in any immediate danger of sinking, they asked and obtained to be brought back aboard. However, chilled to the bone and with no way to dry their wet clothes, they stripped and tried to fight off the cold with alcoholic beverages. This unseemly display of naked, drunken men, lying on deck among heaps of wet clothes and liquor bottles rolling to and fro, was the British sailors’ first impression of the Pola. It is hardly surprising that their propaganda, exaggerating the episode to their advantage, made it even more embarrassing to the Italians.

กูหวังว่า Meme เหี้ยนี่จะไม่โดนเอามาเล่นต่อใน AL

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